I am really happy you are here, and I look forward to connecting with you more deeply.

I am Alexandra Mika and I have been on a pilgrimage of discovering my authentic self and awakening my HEART-SPACE. 

I have created Angelic Reiki Healing to SERVE YOU. Angelic Reiki Healing is a blend of Reiki, intention, and guided imagery. My energy healing sessions are through the telephone. I send you an abundance of healing energy telepathically, lead you through guided meditations, clear your chakras, discover blocks in your energy field, assist you in creating clear intentions for your day and life, and support YOU.

I can help you strengthen yourself, heal, connect with your HEART-SPACE, create self-care rituals, learn yoga, cleanse your chakras, create healthy boundaries, heal from emotional eating and addictions, and discover your AUTHENTIC SELF.

I recently published The Beauty of Wings my personal story of transformation from near death to unconditional love. If you want to understand the process of awakening the HEART-SPACE, developing unconditional love for thyself, and healing inner wounds check out my book: Beauty of Wings Book

I love assisting and connecting with others, and it would be an honor to connect with you!

With love and joy,

Alexandra Mika

May one day all human beings cultivate their wings and take flight.

Interview with Alexandra on Divine Goddess Radio