Beautiful Wings

Transcendence from fear to unconditional love is the path of awakening. When we see with the heart, spread our wings, and learn to fly we become beings of radiant light.

 The energy of the heart is what truly heals us. 

Alexandra, a registered nurse, Reiki master, and yoga instructor has been studying medicine and healing since 2000. She is passionate about Reiki, healing with horses, nutrition, essential oils, Yogic healing, and bringing Love and Light to the world. She has been studying energy medicine since 2009 and during her own personal journey of healing and awakening she dedicated her life to living in alignment with her heart.

As I open like the radiant sunlight, dwell in my eternal light, and practice the power of love I begin to expand my horizons and I can truly breathe. As I unconditionally love all that is I am reminded of what is real and that only love truly exists.

As I align myself more clearly than ever before with my heart-space, live with humility, grace, and compassion I am reminded of my own eternal freedom, my true heart-space and I begin to believe that each living creature is only a heartbeat away from flying FREE.