As I listened deeply to his heart, tail, and ears I felt a part of myself awaken deeper. As I felt the weight of his hooves and his majestic mane I began to let go of control. As I softly whispered in his ears and climbed on his back I felt the complete presence of the moment and every cell in my body felt healed. His beautiful heart, unconditional love, deep horse sense, and wisdom carried me from the darkest time of my life to the lightest. Are you ready to be carried towards a life filled with light? Are you ready to walk towards an authentic life filled with joy, love, and well-being? 

Alexandra has been on a deep pilgrimage of healing and learning to align with her true nature, deeply nurture herself, create energetic boundaries, and love herself. After years of anorexia, asthma, anxiety, panic, pneumonia, abusive relationships, bodily injuries, exhaustion and pain Alexandra awoke to her Heart-Space and began healing and loving herself. Alexandra recently published The Beauty of Wings, her personal story of transformation from near death to unconditional love. If you want to understand the process of awakening the HEART-SPACE, developing unconditional love for thyself, and healing the body check out her book: Beauty of Wings Book

Alexandra, RN, Reiki Master, certified yoga instructor, author, and horsewoman created Angelic Reiki Healing, a form of energy healing to help you rejuvenate and awaken to your Heart-Space. Angelic Reiki Healing is a blend of Reiki, powerful rejuvenating energy healing, essential oils, and guided imagery. Each session is individualized to the client’s energy field and specific needs. Angelic Reiki Healing can assist you in awakening to your true nature, opening your heart, healing past wounds, clearing your energy field, creating energetic boundaries, cultivating well-being, rejuvenating, and growing spiritually. Angelic Reiki Healing sessions are offered in person and long distance through distance healing.

Alexandra is starting Juli Lynch’s Epala training program this fall. Epala is a year long Equine Facilitated Coaching and Equine Facilitated Therapy Certification Course. The Coaching/Learning Track is provided for individuals interested in pursuing equine facilitated programs that promote personal development, leadership training, team building or any work where equines join humans to enhance understanding of self, interpersonal dynamics, and the role of emotion, energy and intention. The Epala curriculum reflects the competencies required to complete the Certification for Equine Interaction Professionals (CBEIP) which is quickly becoming the hallmark for Equine Facilitated Coaching and counseling competency based training.

Alexandra is available for conferences, presentations, and speaking engagements.”



Interview with Alexandra on Divine Goddess Radio