“If we view the horse as a sentient being in its own right, with choices and a soul on a journey of its own, we can also see that some horses have indeed chosen to help people develop their level of consciousness. Their role now seems to be to shift us as an entire species to a more evolved level of consciousness and behavior, particularly in our relationships and emotional well-being.” -From The Horse Leads the Way by Angela Dunning

Horses can help us shift from one state of being to another; from sad to joyful, from lonely to connected, from grief to peace, from despair to hope, from fear to love.

Horses are powerful magical beings. They are profoundly healing and supportive. When working with horses in choice and free liberty we can connect with them on a deep level that is healing for the both the human and the horse. They can guide us towards our purpose. They help to ground us, bring us in the present moment, clear past traumas, and re-wire our brains. They can shift us out of anxiety, depression, and trauma into peace, flow, joy, and love.

Their enormous capacity for unconditional love, gentle nature and their innate prey instincts make them the perfect partner for healing work. In an Equine Facilitated Coaching session you will experience stillness in nature, meditation, working with horses in free liberty and choice, and guidance on your life. You will have the opportunity to ground yourself, find your center, experience deep peace, joy, and shift yourself towards where you want to go in your life. You will have the opportunity for an emotional release, energetic clearing from the past, and new choices for the future. The horses are waiting for you! They are ready and willing to help in deep and profound ways.

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