Welcome! Are you ready to blossom? Are you ready to connect more deeply with yourself? Are you ready to align with the unconditional love you are? Through the power of the horse, Reiki, yoga, and meditation you can heal and awaken to the LOVE you are. Everything you need to connect with the LOVE that you are and HEAL is available for you. I am Alexandra Mika and I have been on a deep pilgrimage of healing and learning to care for myself and love myself. I recently published The Beauty of Wings my personal story of transformation from near death to unconditional love. If you want to understand the process of awakening the HEART-SPACE, developing unconditional love for thyself, and healing inner wounds check out my book: Beauty of Wings Book

I created Angelic Reiki Healing, a form of energy healing to help you heal and awaken to your true nature. Angelic Reiki Healing is a blend of Reiki, intention, essential oils, and guided imagery. Angelic Reiki Healing can assist you in awakening to unconditional love, opening your heart, healing past wounds, cultivating well-being, relaxing, and growing spiritually.

“We are all beautiful flowers waiting to blossom.”

With love and joy,

Alexandra Mika

May one day all human beings cultivate their wings and take flight.


Interview with Alexandra on Divine Goddess Radio