Her majestic presence was felt by my whole being. Her yawn released years of stored tension in my colon. Her forward movement propelled my energy forward to more Light and Joy. In that moment I understood the power, the value, and the amazing healing presence of the HORSE. 

Alexandra has been on a deep pilgrimage of healing and learning to align with her heart, deeply nurture herself, and love herself. After years of anorexia, anxiety, pneumonia, and pain Alexandra began the process of awakening, healing and loving herself. Alexandra published The Beauty of Wings, her personal story of transformation from near death to unconditional love. If you want to understand the process of awakening the HEART-SPACE, developing unconditional love for thyself, and healing the body check out her book: Beauty of Wings Book

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Alexandra was initiated into Reiki 1 in 2008 and in 2009 she felt waves of powerful energy flowing through while working as a cardiac nurse. She studied Reiki, chakras, the law of attraction, and energy healing. Simultaneously she began having experiences with Jesus where he brought her profound comfort and love. She went on to receive her Reiki Masters, Laho-Chi certification, and Yoga teacher certification and study the works of Jesus. Alexandra works closely with Jesus during her energy healing sessions to help her clients remove blocks to the Light, peace, and healing. She uses guided imagery, healing music, and essential oils during her energy healing sessions. She is conscious about keeping her work safe, pure, sacred, and connected to the true source. Please email her for more information using the contact page.

Alexandra is available for conferences, presentations, and speaking engagements.”


Interview with Alexandra on Divine Goddess Radio