The grief was intense, it was a two year period of waves and then it hit. I felt death. I felt like I was dying, I felt my heart split. I remembered all the moments we had together, all the beautiful times, all the trail rides, all the rides in the pasture, all the drives out to the barn, all the moments in the barn isle, all the groundwork, all the grooming time, all the time giving him treats, all the precious times-and now it is over, this soon- it is OVER, it is time to move on. I can’t even see the future because all I see is YOU WITH ME. 

Kestrel came to me, big, present, soft, right by my LEFT side, right by me with his loving spirit- “I am with you, every breath, every moment, I am here with you-eternally connected forever. We have a relationship now that is beyond time and space, beyond the limitations of both our bodies, beyond financial limitations, beyond physical health limitations just PURE LOVE. WE have a relationship now that is GOLD. It is the HEART of GOLD, we have a relationship now that has NO PRESSURE, a relationship that we can both relax into-the past relationship had so much attachment/addiction/pressure along with the love, now we get to be FREE together FOREVER with no PRESSURE. I am here with you forever, through this our souls have become partnered, become linked for this work we get to embark on. And I am here GUIDING the way.” -from Alexandra’s second book in progress: Lessons in Love from the Heart of a Horse

Do you want more love in your life? Are you looking for more peace, more serenity? Do you need a reboot? Are you grieving? Are you stuck? Are you stuck on the awakening path? Are you in the health care field and are burned out from secondary trauma? Are you recovering from trauma? Are you fatigued? Have you lost your joy? Do you want a deeper relationship with your horse? HELP is on the WAY. There is a WAY through. There is a clear path to more light, more freedom, more peace, more joy. Kestrel and my heart can GUIDE you. Sign up for my newsletters and stayed tuned for my book Lessons in Love from the Heart of a Horse and my speaking engagements.

Alexandra is an RN, Author, Reiki Master, Epala Equine Facilitated Coach, and Certified Yoga Instructor. She has been on a deep pilgrimage of healing and awakening. She currently works as a hospice nurse and brings Reiki Healing to her hospice patients. She wrote The Beauty of Wings: A True Story of Transformation from Near Death to Unconditional Love and is currently working on her second book Lessons in Love from the Heart of a Horse.