Welcome! I am Alexandra Mika. I am a hospice nurse, author, Reiki healer, yogini, and an Epala Equine facilitated Coach.

I have been a lifelong horse woman. I grew up horse-back riding through beautiful trails, jumping in show rings, and connecting with horses. Horses have always brought me profound joy and healing. Through the relationship with an Arab/Saddlebred gelding named Kestrel my world deeply transformed and I became an Epala Eqiune facilitated Coach. Kestrel taught me the lessons of unconditional love, humility, forgiveness, compassion, and letting go. Through Kestrel I learned about soul connection and deep partnership. I learned many lessons in spirituality and self-growth. Horses have the ability to deeply transform humans.

“If we view the horse as a sentient being in its own right, with choices and a soul on a journey of its own, we can also see that some horses have indeed chosen to help people develop their level of consciousness. Their role now seems to be to shift us as an entire species to a more evolved level of consciousness and behavior, particularity in our relationships and emotional well-being.”-From The Horse Leads the Way

Equine facilitated Coaching can help you break deep, unconscious patterns so you can live with more peace, harmony, and joy, and reach a state of Samadhi (bliss). Horses have the ability to help us get unstuck, raise our consciousness, heal our inner wounds, and free ourselves from unhealthy patterns. Are you feeling stuck, depressed, anxious? Are you ready for healthier relationships with yourself, your body, and others?

HORSES can help YOU!

Contact me to book your first EQUINE FACILITATED COACHING session: beautiful-wings@alexandramika.com