Welcome! I am Alexandra Mika. I am a hospice nurse, author, Reiki healer, yogini, Epala Equine facilitated Coach, horse woman, and life long outdoors woman. I have been a life long lover of the outdoors and horses. As a young woman I spent many months backpacking, mountaineering, and kayaking in Patagonia, Chile, Canada, Yellowstone, the superior hiking trail in northern MN, and across Oregon. My younger years were spent being physically active in the outdoors through running, backpacking, horse-back riding, and kayaking. After becoming very ill at the young age of twenty-five and struggling for ten years with my health on and off I fell in love with nature again through stillness. I began communicating with nature-sitting next to the trees, gazing at the sunrise and sunset, listening to the birds, earthing, smelling the raw earth, sitting by the edge of lakes, and lying on green grass. An internal, orgasmic bliss began to awaken within me. My connection to nature deepened, and my connection with myself, my body, and others deepened.

I have also been a lifelong horse woman. I grew up horse-back riding through beautiful trails, jumping in show rings, and connecting with horses. Horses have always brought me profound joy and healing. Through the relationship with an Arab/Saddlebred gelding named Kestrel my world deeply transformed and I become an Epala Eqiune facilitated Coach. Kestrel taught me the lessons of unconditional love, humility, forgiveness, compassion, and letting go. Through Kestrel I learned about soul connection and deep partnership. I also learned about loss, grief, letting go, and moving on after losing great love.

I am glad you found it to my welcome page. I welcome you with opens arms and I welcome you to check out my book: The Beauty of Wings: A True Story of Transformation from Near Death to Unconditional Love.