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It is the beginning of spring. A new wave of light is coming in as the darkness of winter passes. As the sunshine hits the earth, the sun within my heart begins rising. I feel myself awakening more deeply than ever before and I begin to see clearly through the eyes of my heart. As the snow melts away my past fears and self-judgements begin to melt away as well. As I follow my heart and begin my soul calling I feel more peace within me heart. This past winter I went through many self-realizations. I began to become more aware of my deep seated judgments of my own sensitivities. As I begin to love myself unconditionally and love my sensitivity and every part of my being with all my heart, discomfort within my body begins to shed. I have been awakening and healing consciously since 2009. Each year I feel a deeper connection to my heart and I step more clearly into my light. As a child I was judged for being sensitive, as I awaken and heal and expand my wings I come to realize how precious and beautiful my sensitivity is. I want to share this with all sensitive beings. As I love myself unconditionally and all others I begin to feel a sense of bliss in each moment. When I love unconditionally all worries and anxieties fall aways. Self-forgiveness has been my tool to unconditional love these past few weeks.