Butterfly Love

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Butterfly Love
Self-acceptance and Self-nurturance

Loving the self begins with never ever criticizing ourselves for anything.
– Lousie Hay

August 7, 2009
Dear Diary,
A beautiful pink butterfly began to emerge from my heart during a deep meditation. The enormous butterfly was exquisitely detailed and radiant with massive pink and silver iridescent wings. Her thick feet were strong and grounded. Her green eyes glowed with deep strength, and she came to me for a specific purpose.

Years later I realized this beautiful pink butterfly came to me to teach me unconditional love. Butterfly love is unconditional, nonjudgmental, pure, radiant love. Learning to love oneself like a butterfly loves is possible. This butterfly came to me and has stayed with me since 2009 teaching me unconditional self-love.

As a survivor of anorexia, severe anxiety, chronic pneumonia, and asthma I have learned that unconditional love heals and true healing is possible. I have came through the dark isolation of the cocoon into the realm of butterfly love to witness the miracles of life, transformation, and transcendence.

Self-love is about accepting oneself in this present moment. Accepting everything about oneself. Accepting one’s hair, body, past, present, future, etc. The butterfly loves unconditionally with no expectations or judgements. One can love their self like the butterfly loves through practice, dedication, and patience. It is possible! After years of self-judgment I have come into the sweetness of self-nurturance and self-love! And I am continually growing and learning within this, my journey is never done.

My life journey has been about loving myself unconditionally. It has been a process and an unfoldment. Like a lotus flower opens, my heart has opened through my trials and tribulations. Each day I grow and open up more and more towards butterfly love. Some things that have helped me on my journey of learning self-love, self-acceptance, and self-nurturance are: keeping a self-love journal where I write down things I adore and appreciate about myself, keeping a gratitude journal, putting my hands on my heart and tapping “I am enough,” forgiving myself, allowing myself to make mistakes, and remembering compliments while letting go of judgements.

Tips and advice:
-Nurture yourself with an epsom salt bath
-Nurture yourself with a massage, pedicure, or facial (you deserve it!)
-Spend time in nature and watch the butterflies and birds-they are great teachers of unconditional love.
-Create a self-love journal that you absolutely love. Either buy one that lights you up or make one yourself.
-While drinking a cup of your favorite beverage bless it and bless your body.