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Tips for Vibrant Health

-Listen to your body: your body sends millions of signals to you everyday. Your body sends signals such as warm, cold, tired, energetic, pain, hungry, full, irritable, relaxed. Listen and become aware of the divine messages flowing through your body in the moment. Recognize what your body is telling you in each moment with non-judgement.

-Breath Deeply: take 3 deep belly breaths. Imagine light flowing into you as you breath deeply. Imagine golden light pouring down onto you as you breath. Imagine this golden light filling each cell and transforming your current body image.

-Reassure your body you are there for it. Reassure your body as you would reassure a scared child that you love it deeply and you will stand with it as it heals. Reassure your body you will do the best you can to help it heal.

-As you drink a glass of water imagine light flowing into you, and the water nourishing every cell.

-Talk to your body with love and compassion.

-Feed your body with awareness, nurturance, and kindness.

-Accept the home you have been given. We are each a unique flavor. No flavor is exactly the same, so there is no need to compare ourselves.

-Be grateful for your body’s gifts.

-Write 5 things NOW you appreciate about your body such as your ability to take full breaths, dance, or enjoy nature.

-Honor your body’s natural rhythms.

-Honor your path.

Let me know how you are doing and leave a message below. Let me know what other tips you would like to receive!