RENEW and RECLAIM your Heart-Space

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Now is a great time to renew your life, to reflect on the past and to step into the full bloom of now. Renew your body, mind, Heart-Space, and spirit, and discover your authentic self with Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra can be traced back to ancient Eastern teaching of Yoga and Tantra. Yoga Nidra dissolves the roots of our conditioning and the illusions of our minds. Yoga Nidra can awaken us into living an authentic life from our Heart-Space.

When practicing Yoga Nidra lie on your back in a comfortable position with your palms facing up to receive from the spiritual realms or your palms facing the ground to ground yourself to Mother Earth. Think of the room you are lying in as your personal sanctuary, and imagine you are on a temporary retreat.

Richard Miller, author of Yoga Nidra explains beautifully what to do when discomfort arises during a Yoga Nidra session, “Your body is a guesthouse and Yoga Nidra teaches you how to invite every imaginable guest in for tea and conversation. When discomfort arises, don’t try to adjust it away. First, receive and welcome it in as a messenger. Inquire as to what its message is. Yoga Nidra is a path of welcoming everything that life brings to your table.”

Yoga Nidra is a practice of self-compassion and unconditional love. Having compassion for all of your feelings, all of your sensations, all of your thoughts, and all of you. Unconditional love is love beyond conditions, beyond anxieties, beyond right and wrong, beyond the illusions of the mind. Unconditional love rests within the Heart-Sapce and Yoga Nidra allows us to connect deeper with our Heart-Space and dissolve the blocks of illusions within the mind and come home to our authentic self.

Yoga Nidra can be practiced inside or outside. When practiced outside you can enhance not only your connection to your Heart-Space, but your connection to Mother Earth as well.

Enjoy this Yoga Nidra meditation I created for YOU: