Dive deeper into Self-Love and Healing

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Dive deeper into SELF-LOVE & HEALING

Have you ever struggled with self-judgments and health challenges? I have, and I have learned the practice of self-love is deeply healing. On my healing path I have realized that within each challenge I face there is an opening to dive deeper into unconditional love. Self-love is a deep practice. It has taken me years to realize the depth of self-love. Many of our internal beliefs and judgments about ourselves are deeply subconscious, and as we heal we bring more light to these areas. As we heal, our wounds become more clear and we can heal even more deeply. Self-love is a deep dedication to healing THYSELF. On my journey of cultivating self-love and healing I have learned the power of a self-love journal. Everyday I do my best to take time to write a list of things I deeply appreciate and love about myself. Then, I really go deep into my being and feel true, unconditional love for myself. This is not just a mental practice, but a deep embodiment of the feelings of LOVE for myself. I have noticed that this practice deeply heals me, my inner child, my body, and my mind.

Begin practicing the deep art of self-love and allow yourself to begin healing. Start a self-love journal. First, find a journal you LOVE. You could even decorate it to make it more special. Then, everyday in the morning write things that you love and appreciate about yourself. Start small and be gentle with yourself, if you can only think of one thing you truly love about yourself, then truly feel it and embody it. Take time to truly feel it for your entire being, and do not feel bad if it is hard for you to begin and continue this practice. Remember, self-love is a practice, if you haven’t been practicing it, then it will be very challenging at first. Like anything in life we must start to learn a new skill. Self-love is a skill that is developed and cultivated over many, many years. We have all learned to judge ourself. We are learning a new way of BEING. A way that is more gentle, loving, and healing. If you are struggling to find something to love about yourself, ask the universe/spirit/angels for assistance and strength. I believe we can all heal ourselves and our planet can HEAL.

Tips for your self-love journey:

-Practice Louise Hay’s mirror work and look yourself in the mirror every morning and deeply say, “I love you.”

-When applying chap-stick or lipstick bless the cells of your lips and tell your lips you love them.

-When upset with yourself practice self-compassion and self-forgiveness. Take three deep breaths and truly feel compassion and forgiveness.

-Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and remind your body you love it and you are there for it.

-Follow your dreams rather than society’s dreams for you.

-Ask your inner child: “What can I do today to make you happy?”

-Ask yourself: “How can I love you more?”

-Give yourself permission to be you

-Allow yourself to make mistakes and let go of right and wrong

The love within us is unlimited and becomes deeper and richer each month on the path of awakening to the love within. To understand the process of learning to cultivate love for THYSELF and healing check out my book The Beauty of Wings:  http://alexandramika.com/new-book/