Horses are powerful magical beings. They are profoundly healing and supportive. When working with horses in choice and free liberty you can connect with them on a deep level that is healing for both the human and the horse. They can guide you with their breath and movements. Their enormous capacity for unconditional love, gentle nature and their innate prey instincts make them the perfect partner for healing work. In an Equine Facilitated Healing session you have the opportunity to experience meditation with horses, energetic clearing and grounding, stillness in nature, and working with horses in free liberty and choice. Horses can assist greatly in the healing process; they bring you into the present moment where all deep healing can occur. Being around a herd of horses can re-wire your brain and deeply calm your nervous system. Horses can assist greatly in the grief process as well; they help you release emotions and move forward in your healing process. Horses are unconditionally loving, gentle, and wise. Being around them can change the chemistry of your body and mind. They are prey animals so they are very sensitive to energy; therefore they can assist you in clearing trauma from your energetic field. The horses are waiting for you! They are ready and willing to help in deep and profound ways.

Spend your morning or afternoon at Erika’s Equine Center with Alexandra and receive your choice of Reiki Healing by the horses, Equine Facilitated Healing, and/or Wellness coaching. Erika’s Equine Center is located in Nerstrand, MN. Price is $150/hour. Sessions are 1-3 hours. Contact Alexandra to schedule a session at 651-269-1545 (text or call) or email at