A summertime tip

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A summertime tip for YOU: Rest on the beauty of Mother Earth and listen deeply to the sensations within your Heart-Space. Quiet your mind, put one hand on your heart, and one hand on your belly and breathe in “I … Continued

Open to Receive LOVE

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Intention is key to cultivating your HEART’S desire. When you set your intentions from the heart, and then allow yourself to RECEIVE them, you can create a life from the HEART. Enjoy this meditation this week that can help YOU OPEN to … Continued

Authentic Beauty

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4 Tips for AUTHENTIC BEAUTY: Spend time in your heart-space. Your heart-space loves you unconditionally, purely, divinely, and freely. 2. See your body as an extension of Mother Earth, and see food as nourishment from Mother Earth. 3. See your … Continued

Vibrant Living

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Tips for Vibrant Health -Listen to your body: your body sends millions of signals to you everyday. Your body sends signals such as warm, cold, tired, energetic, pain, hungry, full, irritable, relaxed. Listen and become aware of the divine messages … Continued