Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work used to relax, replenish, and heal the body. Although Reiki dates back to 2500 to 3000 years, it was rediscovered in the 1800’s by Dr. Usui, a Japanese man whose quest was to explain why physicians and other healers no longer had the power in their hands to heal. REI means spiritual consciousness or wisdom; KI means life force. Reiki energy is very healing and has an intelligence of its own. Dr. Usui believed that Reiki had been accessible to all people at one time. After a person is initiated into Reiki energy; whenever they place their hands on others or themselves with the intention of using Reiki, the energy naturally flows. Reiki energy is channeled through the hands of the practitioner into the body and aura of the receiver. The receiver draws the amount of Reiki into their system that they want or can handle. Reiki has a healing intelligence and gives each person exactly what they need at any given moment. Reiki can be sent to someone who is not physically present, this is called distance healing. It can also be used on animals and plants. Reiki heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to help return the body to its natural state. It increases spiritual awareness and progress and is a means for each person to access the richness of her soul and discover her own great potential.

Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki was rediscovered in the late 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. Usui was a well educated and spiritual man whose quest was to explain why physicians and other healers no longer had the power in their hands to heal people. He believed at one time Reiki was accessible to all people. It is said that he spent many years studying with the Buddhist monks in his quest for enlightenment. Eventually, he was counseled to climb the holy mountain, Mt Kurama, for a twenty-one day fast and meditation. He climbed the mountain and came to the place he would sit in meditation. In order to track time, he gathered a pile of twenty-one stones and placed them at his side. Each dawn he would toss one of them away. At the end of the twenty-one days as he was preparing to come down from the mountain and somewhat discouraged that no insight had come, the enlightenment of Reiki was given to him. The story varied greatly here: one version is that he received the knowledge of Reiki through a light the came towards him and entered his crown chakra giving him the gift of Reiki; a second version is that is came to him in bubbles of light; and a third is that as he stood under a water fountain Reiki information flowed into him from the water. No matter the actual accounts; it was during his time on the mountain that the gift of Reiki was given to him. As he descended the mountain three miracles occurred: -He badly injured his toe and by natural instinct he grabbed it with both hands and when he let go it was healed. -At the bottom of the mountain he came to an Inn where he ordered and ate a full meal and did not get sick even though he had been fasting for 21 days. -The inn Keeper’s daughter had a tooth ache, he placed his hands on her cheeks and her tooth healed.

Reiki Practitioner

Once a person is attuned to the Reiki life force through initiations and/or training; he or she is permanently linked to the healing life force available to all. The practitioner is a vessel through which the healing energy flows. Alexandra has her Reiki Masters and has been initiated as a Reiki Healer through several trainings as well as a decade of personal life initiations. Her personal spiritual and healing journey has been a series of intense initiations into energy healing. She also has been studying western medicine and holistic healing for over a decade. Reiki came to Alexandra, she did not seek it out, and Reiki continues to come to her and call her forward on her life path as a healer.

Benefits of Reiki

Benefits of Reiki include relaxation, enhanced immune system, improved breathing and circulation, improved digestion, detoxification, elevated mood, cellular regeneration, and diminished pain. Clients report feeling very relaxed. Inflammation and muscle tension are often diminished. Headaches, jaw pain, mild colds, cuts, and acute illnesses often resolve. Clients dealing with chronic illnesses report an improvement in their overall well-being. People report feeling balanced and more in-tune with their life purpose. Others report greater clarity regarding a life decision. Many report a greater sense of peace and self-love.

Reiki does not conflict with other health-care modalities but enhances its results. It speeds the healing process, provides regeneration of the cells, and supports people in their own healing abilities. When Reiki healing is combined with sincere desire and initiative of the healee to make healthy life transformations, real change can occur. A Reiki Healing Session can take place next to horses at Erika’s Equine Center, at Alexandra’s home studio in Minneapolis or via zoom. Price is $150/hour. Contact Alexandra to schedule a session at 651-269-1545 (text or call) or email at

Unicorn Mika Reiki 

 My Reiki journey began in 2008 at Joyful Yoga in Jacksonville, OR. I was finishing a long run on beautiful trails behind my apartment in the beautiful southern Oregon Valley surrounded by valleys, peaks, and gorgeous trails when I saw Joyful Yoga. I walked in and met a woman I instantly felt a strong connection to. I felt I had known her for years. We began talking and I started taking her Kundalini Yoga classes. This was a new kind of yoga for me, a magical yoga, an ancient yoga, a healing yoga. Each class I went deeper and had new experiences. I learned the sacred art of chanting. When Louise announced that she was going to be teaching Reiki she asked me to join the class. She told me she could see that this was important for me to take and an important step on my journey. I didn’t know anything about Reiki. I had never heard of Reiki and I didn’t full understand it, but I decided to take the class. During the class I didn’t feel much; I thought I would feel something or hear something or see something. I didn’t feel anything and I thought Reiki was not for me, I didn’t have the gift or calling. Within the next year a lot happened. I broke up with my steady boyfriend, I began a serious chanting practice, and I became very ill with pneumonia, asthma, and anorexia. I actually got to the point of near death, and had a profound near death Reiki experience that changed my life forever. 

It was after I became very ill that the gateways of Reiki and the spiritual world began opening up to me. Before my illness my life was so fast passed as a competitive runner and RN that I didn’t have the stillness and quietness to tap into this mystical realm. When I couldn’t breathe I was forced to slow my daily pace of life down and in the subtle quiet moments is when I was able to tap into this dynamic, expansive, and magical energy. I began learning about my healing Reiki gift when I was working at the hospital as a nurse. In 2009 when I was working with patients I began feeling heat and light vibrations pouring through my body, I would sweat and my hands would feel differently and often become very warm. Patients would remark on the healing energies, stating they began feeling better or more relaxed. They would open up about their emotions and one patient told me I had a powerful angel working with me. This was the beginning of me realizing my gift of Reiki Healing. It has been over a decade since I first embarked on the Reiki journey, and now I am a Reiki Master. I blended Reiki into my hospice nursing and became the Reiki Hospice Nurse. I gave countless Reiki sessions to friends and people who found me through friends. I fell deeply in love with an Arabian chestnut horse named Kestrel and became certified in Epala Equine Facilitated Coaching. Kestrel and I were deeply connected on the soul level and our relationship was very magical for me. When our relationship ended I went through profound grief, and then he came to me energetically and started working with me for healing myself and others via the mystical/energetic realms. On April 12 & 13, 2021 a Reiki symbol was downloaded to me while I was working with Taj, an Arabian chestnut who came to me to be a part of my life after Kestrel left. Kestrel was present energetically. Over the course of the next 24 hours the name of the new Reiki symbol and healing system was given to me as Unicorn Mika Reiki, and Kestrel presented as a unicorn working with me now in the energetic and mystical realms.

Healing and Awakening with Horses

Horses are powerful magical beings. They are profoundly healing and supportive. When working with horses in choice and free liberty you can connect with them on a deep level that is healing for both the human and the horse. Through my Epala training I learned about listening to their messages from the mystical realms. I learned they are here to teach and awaken us during this time of great transition in the world. Their enormous capacity for unconditional love, gentle nature and their innate prey instincts make them the perfect partner for healing work. In an Equine Facilitated Healing session you have the opportunity to experience meditation with horses, energetic clearing and grounding, stillness in nature, and working with horses in free liberty and choice. Horses can assist greatly in the healing process; they bring you into the present moment where all deep healing can occur. Being around a herd of horses can re-wire your brain and deeply calm your nervous system. Horses can assist greatly in the grief process as well; they help you release emotions and move forward in your healing process. Horses are unconditionally loving, gentle, and wise. Being around them can change the chemistry of your body and mind. They are prey animals so they are very sensitive to energy; therefore they can assist you in clearing trauma from your energetic field.

Take a Reiki Class or receive a personal Reiki Healing Session at Erika’s Equine Center in Nerstrand, MN with magical horses or via zoom. Contact Alexandra to schedule a session at 651-269-1545 (text or call) or email at


“Reiki has opened my heart, mind and body.

When I met Alexandra in 2011 I knew there was something absolutely amazing about her. I could not put a name to it, it was just a feeling and an aura that she carries. But it was so incredibly stunning, powerful and attractive. She continues to posses this amazing energy and from the day I met her, I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted what she had, which appeared to be, love, unconditional love.

When Alexandra told me she practiced reiki for work, I had never heard of it before. She explained to me what it was and how it worked and the benefits you could experience. At first and for a little while, I was skeptical. I had just started on a journey of self healing and recovery and was just starting a relationship with god, so I wasn’t totally sure if this reiki business was for me! But I was open to trying new things to expand my spirituality and after my first session, I felt the power it had.

Alexandra’s peaceful and nonjudgmental energy made my first reiki experience so comfortable. The room we went to was candle lit, smelling of sage and you could not deny that the presence of god and angels was in that room. Each time I came for a session I brought a challenge I wanted help with, or a block I was experiencing. Most of those challenges for me were around learning to love myself, forgive myself, slow down, not worry so much, channel my sexual energy, help with relationships, and more. And Alexandra would always listen and help me understand that she would being helping to shift these blocks and open up my different chakras.

Sometimes I just needed to lay down in a peaceful setting and relax and other times,

I experienced profound spiritual experiences, where I felt god working through Alexandra to take away my troubles.

Reiki has been an amazing gift in my life and I strongly recommend it to all people. I am so incredibly grateful for Alexandra introducing it to me and helping to heal me. It has allowed me to be closer with my creator, closer to my loved ones, to be less fearful and angry and have more compassion and love.”

~Stephanie Mawarm, Minneapolis, MN

“Alexandra is truly amazing! I go to her for Reiki and have been a few times for her Shakti flow yoga class. I can’t wait to go back each time. She makes a wonderful teacher and is very good at being patient with you and your progress at any level. Alexandra is very passionate with her work. She is very wise and will end up giving you good insight not only on Reiki but life and spirituality as well. She genuinely wants to aid in people’s healing and yoga. She also has such an adorable personality that makes the sessions even more fun! If you are looking to be worked on or looking for a fun yoga class I highly recommend Alexandra.”

~Brittany Tostenson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Prior to my Reiki session I had been dealing with a great deal of stress and grief as my mom is undergoing breast cancer treatment and my 7 month old kitten was diagnosed with a fatal disease and I had an appointment to put him down the next day. I had been looking forward to the Reiki treatment with Alexandra for days; I knew it would help me feel better. That day I was feeling heavy hearted with the news of my kitten, Quinn, on top my struggles with anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. Of course my mom’s illness is always weighing on my mind as well. I had also been physically exhausted.
After the Reiki session I felt as if my heart had been filled with joy! My stress and anxiety were relieved and my whole being felt alive and at peace. I felt enveloped in caring and warmth. All of those feelings remained for the next few days. The feeling of peace helped me deal with my grief for Quinn. It was a difficult day; however the connections that Alexandra made definitely put me at ease. I knew that Quinn would always be with me. I slept exceptionally well the night of and several nights after the Reiki treatment. I had more physical energy and was much happier. I am looking forward to my next treatment with Alexandra.”

~Anna Teeple, Minneapolis, MN