“When I met Alexandra in 2011 I knew there was something absolutely amazing about her. I could not put a name to it, it was just a feeling and an aura that she carries. But it was so incredibly stunning, powerful and attractive. She continues to posses this amazing energy and from the day I met her, I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted what she had, which appeared to be, love, unconditional love.

When Alexandra told me she practiced reiki for work, I had never heard of it before. She explained to me what it was and how it worked and the benefits you could experience. At first and for a little while, I was skeptical. I had just started on a journey of self healing and recovery and was just starting a relationship with god, so I wasn’t totally sure if this reiki business was for me! But I was open to trying new things to expand my spirituality and after my first session, I felt the power it had.

Alexandra’s peaceful and nonjudgmental energy made my first reiki experience so comfortable. The room we went to was candle lit, smelling of sage and you could not deny that the presence of god and angels was in that room. Each time I came for a session I brought a challenge I wanted help with, or a block I was experiencing. Most of those challenges for me were around learning to love myself, forgive myself, slow down, not worry so much, channel my sexual energy, help with relationships, and more. And Alexandra would always listen and help me understand that she would being helping to shift these blocks and open up my different chakras.

Sometimes I just needed to lay down in a peaceful setting and relax and other times,

I experienced profound spiritual experiences, where I felt god working through Alexandra to take away my troubles.

Reiki has been an amazing gift in my life and I strongly recommend it to all people. I am so incredibly grateful for Alexandra introducing it to me and helping to heal me. It has allowed me to be closer with my creator, closer to my loved ones, to be less fearful and angry and have more compassion and love.”

~Stephanie Mawarm, Austin, Texas

“Alexandra is truly amazing! I go to her for Reiki and have been a few times for her Shakti flow yoga class. I can’t wait to go back each time.She makes a wonderful teacher and is very good at being patient with you and your progress at any level. Alexandra is very passionate with her work. She is very wise and will end up giving you good insight not only on Reiki but life and spirituality as well. She genuinely wants to aid in people’s healing and yoga.She also has such an adorable personality that makes the sessions even more fun! If you are looking to be worked on or looking for a fun yoga class I highly recommend Alexandra.”

~Brittany Tostenson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Prior to my Reiki session I had been dealing with a great deal of stress and grief as my mom is undergoing breast cancer treatment and my 7 month old kitten was diagnosed with a fatal disease and I had an appointment to put him down the next day. I had been looking forward to the Reiki treatment with Alexandra for days; I knew it would help me feel better. That day I was feeling heavy hearted with the news of my kitten, Quinn, on top my struggles with anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. Of course my mom’s illness is always weighing on my mind as well. I had also been physically exhausted.
After the Reiki session I felt as if my heart had been filled with joy! My stress and anxiety were relieved and my whole being felt alive and at peace. I felt enveloped in caring and warmth. All of those feelings remained for the next few days. The feeling of peace helped me deal with my grief for Quinn. It was a difficult day; however the connections that Alexandra made definitely put me at ease. I knew that Quinn would always be with me. I slept exceptionally well the night of and several nights after the Reiki treatment. I had more physical energy and was much happier. I am looking forward to my next treatment with Alexandra.”

~Anna Teeple, Minneapolis, MN